The 50shades of Theft Project

The Big-Ass BDSM Disclaimer

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50shades of Theft

I really, really hate that book!

What Just Happened?

50shades of Theft: Chapter 1, Insane Character Deja Vu

50shades of Theft: Random Notes, and Meet My Friend

50shades of Theft: Chapters 2 & 3

50shades of Theft: Chapters 4 & 5, I Don’t Even…

50shades of Theft: Chapter 6, Let’s Just Steal Some Dialogue

50shades of Theft: Chapters 7 & 8, The Big Reveal

50shades of Theft: Chapters 9 & 10, Derp

50shades of Theft: Chapters 11 & 12, You Really Published the Entire Contract?

50shades of Theft: Chapter 13, Run Away!

50shades of Theft: More Insane Character Deja Vu


50shades of Theft: Chapters 14 & 15, High School All Over Again

50shades of Theft: Chapter 16, Better Late Than Never

50shades of Theft: Chapters 17-20, In Defense of VWs

50shades of Theft: Chapters 21-23, Jacksonville! Wait, I mean Savannah!

50shades of Theft: Chapter 24, Where Food Trumps Sex

50shades of Theft: A Quick and Easy Read?

50shades of Theft: Chapters 25 & 26, Well, At Least This Book’s Over

50shades of Theft: The Final Countdown

This and That

50shades Pilfered

50shades Pilfered: Prologue

50shades Pilfered: Ch 1, Well That Lasted

50shades Pilfered: Ch 2, He’s Still An Ass

50shades Pilfered: Ch 3, Cold Chicken & Cheerleading

50shades Pilfered: Ch4, Insipid Breakfast

50Shades Pilfered: Ch5, Scalped

50shades Pilfered: Ch6 Part 1, Prom Night?

50shades Pilfered: Ch6 Part 2, Seriously

50shades Pilfered: Ch7, Turning Greene With Rage

50shades Pilfered: Ch8, Team Taylor

50shades Pilfered: Ch 9, Anchors Away

50shades Pilfered: Ch 10, Balls

50shades Pilfered: Chs 11 – end (YAY) (this one is me racing towards the finish line because it was just so terrible)

50shades Fleeced


2 thoughts on “The 50shades of Theft Project”

  1. I can’t believe you went through all of this! This book completely creeped me out right from the beginning. I tried to get into it, but the second the abuse started I knew I wouldn’t be able to promote it with another word. I wish I had known all the things I know now before I ended up in my own abusive relationship. My own book is an anti-50 and deals with what really happens when you falls for a ‘Christian.’

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